Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amazing Glaze Combonation

I do my high fire stoneware at a studio in Rhinebeck called Hudson Valley Pottery. Along with trying to find a style that I can call my own this year, I have been getting used to their glazes. I think I finally found a glaze combination that I really like. This cup has some amazing things going on. I dipped half in clear glaze which crackled, and half in shino. Then I painted a pattern on one side with wax resist and did a half dip in Oribe. Only this time I rotated it so that the dip caught some shino and some clear. The result is a matalic where the Oribe is over the Shino, and a red where it caught the clear. Yeah :O)


Anonymous said...

This is just gorgeous!

MudStuffing Pottery said...

That is a great glaze combo... I love an oribe over shino, and I'm a sucker for swirly designs!