Friday, January 23, 2009

On Being a Nomadic Potter

I can't wait to get into my new studio space! The hard thing about being a potter is finding space to work. Over the years I've taken classes at studios that allow you to work, but you are limited in many ways to thier clay, glazes, schedule and shelf space. I finally got a studio space and started buying equipment only to lose it because the landlord wanted to expand his workspace. For the past few months I've set up a "studio" space in my apartment. My dining table is always covered, I'm constantly cleaning the dust, and I can't fire anything over a few inches in my test kiln. But I'm makin' it work. I look at alot of the "Featured Sellers" on (one of my favorite sections) and see I'm not alone, almost everyone has set up some kind of makeshift studio. I love to see how people have full screen printing studios in their garage, welding equipment in their city apartments, or CNC machines in their parents basements. But there all doin' it, and seem really, really happy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amazing Glaze Combonation

I do my high fire stoneware at a studio in Rhinebeck called Hudson Valley Pottery. Along with trying to find a style that I can call my own this year, I have been getting used to their glazes. I think I finally found a glaze combination that I really like. This cup has some amazing things going on. I dipped half in clear glaze which crackled, and half in shino. Then I painted a pattern on one side with wax resist and did a half dip in Oribe. Only this time I rotated it so that the dip caught some shino and some clear. The result is a matalic where the Oribe is over the Shino, and a red where it caught the clear. Yeah :O)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kiln Opening

I love opening the kiln, it's such a great Christmas-morning-what-did-I-get feeling. Most of the time it's a multicolored turtleneck similar to the one you get every year, but SOMETIMES there are some really lovely gifts!